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  • Noel Wing

Some of My Favorite Stories

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

There's been a few stories that have inspired me from contemporary authors. Clive Barker (brain behind Hellraiser) wrote The Great and Secret Show. One of my favorite mixtures of fantasy and horror. He describes places like no one else. For a little more Scifi from Clive, try the Imajica series.

Another favorite is Watchers by Dean Koontz. Page turner and very creative. You are on the edge of your seat rooting for that dog. Go dog go, run, and be smart!!!!!

Stephen King is the master of dialogue to me. His penned conversations seem so normal and real given the subject matter. He has written so many wonderful tales of the strange and macabre. As I write this, it's not so easy to even name a favorite as there are so many classics to chose from. I have favorite place in my soul for a ghost story, so Bag of Bones resonated with me. An underrated novel was Duma Key. Duma didn't get the fanfare, but to me it was a serious page-turner. Great dialogue once again in Duma.

Peter Straub's Ghost Story is also a classic. Well worth a read if you like the genre.

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