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I've always enjoyed stories with an edge, an aura of mystery or even downright fright. My first publication in this genre is for sale on Amazon. Titled Tales from Hallowed Ground, it's a journey into the unknown where simple things may not be what they seem. For those that read the stories, please supply feedback at

The Chute has been released on Amazon. This story follows a small town battling an invasion from creatures attempting to destroy humanity and take over earth.

Tales from Hallowed Ground, Volume II is now out on Amazon, another collection of seven short stories. I hope you all enjoy!!


Tales from Hallowed Ground

August 4th, 2019

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Tales from Hallowed Ground, Volume II is out on Amazon books. It is a collection of seven short horror stories. I really enjoyed writing these and hope you all enjoy reading them.

Tales from Hallowed Ground, Volume II, is another collection of short stories from the mind of author Noel Wing. In these tales, the intersection of the spirit world and reality leaves chaos and despair in its wake. Think twice about taking that solo road trip! When your child says “there’s a monster in their room,” maybe it’s true. And that reflection in the mirror—is it real or merely a façade? It’s okay to read with the lights on!

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Tales from Hallowed Ground is a collection of spine-tingling short stories. Featuring the crossover between the world known to all, and a supernatural realm, each story offers plenty of bumps in the night. Movie theaters, abandoned cabins, lighthouses, and even a television home improvement show are fair game. Ever feel like the shadows are following you, or your favorite bar just isn’t as alive as it once was? You’d be right. Enjoy this collection, and it’s okay to keep the lights on.

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The Chute is fantasy/horror novel. It tells the tale of a small community besieged by creatures from a parallel universe. A few people from town take on the fight to save earth. Description from the back cover is below. The cover to the left is a link to purchase or view.

Sabrina, a senior in high school, is stunned to find her portrait hanging on an old woman’s wall. The stranger knows a terrifying secret that will draw Sabrina into the fight of her life. Malicious invaders from a parallel universe have begun their attack on Earth, and Sabrina is the key to humanity’s survival. But with only a handful of local heroes to assist in the counter attack, will she be enough to close the portal? Or will a new species inhabit the planet?

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